The Big Lies Fall the Hardest

Posted on May 25, 2011


Well, once again, the world has failed to end. This may indeed be the biggest lie ever told – that one human can determine when the world will “end,” a concept in and of itself without factual meaning, unless struck by a Texas-sized meteor, in which case, bye-bye. But lets take a brief moment to peel a few layers off this lie, shall we?

Now, whether you have belief in a deity is your business. I prefer rootbeer, myself, but I don’t for a moment entertain thoughts that rootbeer has a hand in determining my future. Be that as it may, let us ask a few questions to challenge this belief system that says the last day of Planet Earth can be plotted, except by an excellent astronomer who gets a good long gander at the next planet killer headed this way.

1. If you believe in a deity that is a) infinite; b) all-powerful; c) created the whole shebang; d) is without flaw, then, answer me this – why would such an invisible being a) have reason to place a time limit on it’s supposed creation; b) need to rely on a fallible human huckster to make the announcement; c) choose to snuff out one planet among the trillions populating the known universe; and d) wish to destroy a flawless creation?

Because to admit to d), would be to say this mythical being was not without flaw; c) may have gotten the wrong planet (in light of d); b) would, by all other associated dogma still be hard at it, and thus, has not run out of room; and a) see b).

2. If 1 holds up (and I believe it would, by basic rules of logic, applied as they are to an illogical principal) then how would any mere human have the requisite knowledge to presume to speak for an entity of that magnitude? This is classically known as “hubris.” Look it up.

3. If 1 and it’s sub-sections are false, then the whole thing collapses, ergo, you cannot have it both ways – make a choice. And if you choose to support the assumptions cited in 1 above, then one more question:

If [deity] is indeed infinite, without flaw, whole shebang creator, and all-powerful, riddle me this: how does any one human or even a large group of humans presume to have seen/understood/fully appreciated and apprehended said [deity]? You been all around said [deity} recently? You’ve seen all infinite aspects? No?

Then, its a lie. Its a lie you or anyone can ever possess such knowledge. Its a lie designed to rob the gullible, of their money, their trust, their credulity. Its a lie designed to enrich yourself. Its a lie that, to date, has only a history of backtracking, and disaster, when those you have so deviously and callously robbed cannot reassemble their world, and all too often, have their lives destroyed, or destroy the lives of those around them.

Pure and simple – its a lie.

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