Lies Via Prevarication: Another Twit Spews a Big One

Posted on June 1, 2011


Weiner, Anthony, Twit of the month. It’s a pretty fair bet that when you are asked point-blank – did you, or did you not – and you have been trying to spin something as “it was done to me, not by me,” you had better say No if that is indeed the answer. Rep. Weiner apparently just can’t say “NO”, because what he did instead, and repeatedly, at that, was to prevaricate, distract, avoid. This is a classic example of lying by refusing to answer the question as it is put to you, and instead try to make the question mean something it does not mean. It was you, or it wasn’t. If it was, and you are a politician, well, the very act of not answering in a frank and straightforward manner makes you look guilty as hell. And when later, evidence does indeed come forward showing the lie, well, now you’ve gone and done it – cover-up. And after Watergate, we all know the cover-up is almost as bad, and many times much worse, than the act in question.

If you did this (dubiously) awful thing, (teens aren’t the only ones using poor judgement about what they like to “share” out there) then you need to get it behind you. There are as many ways to do that as there are ways to mess up in the first place, but the best one is – come clean, and quickly. You can then ask for forgiveness from your adoring public. What your significant other thinks about it is almost always another thing. But as a politician, which concerns you the most, holding onto your family, or holding onto that nice, perk-filled seat? Yeah – tough call, I know. But the lie will cause you far more difficulty, and as we have seen, especially since a certain someone didn’t use a napkin and got a stain that wouldn’t come out had to eat Big Humble Pie, more legal trouble, as well. Meaning, of course, this lie can get quite expensive. And the more it looks like you are trying to cover something up, the more it tends to stink, and the more people want to get to the root of that stink.

It is nice to know, however, that party is no obstacle to equal access to stupidity. Or to the strange compulsion to obfuscate. I’m afraid Nancy Reagan had it backwards – they should all just say Yes, followed by a more modern “my bad.”

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