About Lies Will Out – Why We Choose To Do This

We live in a world increasingly obscured by lies and half-truths, by obfuscation and flim-flam, by self-serving hucksters political, religious, and corporate, and hidden more often than not behind a screen of hyperbole, twisted truths, and poorly dressed Wizards behind money-colored curtains. We may not be in Kansas, but we sure as hell aren’t in the Land of Truth anymore, Toto.

This blog will slowly but relentlessly work to expose all manner of lies, both large and small, and will attempt to provide as much fact as possible to support such contentions. And the good news is, you can help. All comments are going to be moderated, to keep the flames low enough, and to assure open inquiry while preventing further efforts to spread lies. To the extent a commenter chooses to repeat lies, we will work to uncover the same. We operate with the belief there is a distinct barrier between belief and fact, that all are entitled to their beliefs, however insane, but no one is entitled to make facts where none exist, nor to refute facts with less-than-rigorous inquiry.

To the extent we succeed, we can only hope to contribute a small voice against the prowling beast that seeks to swallow truth and fact in order to advance it’s own nefarious desires. Anything greater than that is great, indeed.

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